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The 30–60–90 days Plan for a new Hire (Template)

With all the fun and excitement that comes with a new job, there can also be a lot of anxiety for this new journey. So

6 similarities between Product Management and the game of Chess

I have recently participated in a Online Chess Tournament. I really liked playing Chess since childhood but last couple of years I couldn’t continue it.

How Product Management skills helped me to take House Buying Decision

Buying a new house is a dream for most of us. There can be many reasons behind it, but the 2 most prominent reasons to

How to Approach a Product Design Question in Interviews

Yesterday I was at ATM when I saw a blind person trying to withdraw cash. There was a huge queue outside the ATM and it

PM Tools Guidebook

The life of a Product Manager revolves around 2P - People and Platform (tools). On one hand, PM acts as a bridge between multiple teams,