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New ways of Lead Generation

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    1 month

As a part of the Sales Team, one of the challenging parts is Lead Generation. The traditional ways of generating leads such as cold email, cold calls, LinkedIn reach out, fails to be effective these days. Especially where the target is the CXOs in the organization. After speaking to a couple of CXOs and understanding their opinion, I came up with a 1 min video intro about the company. I started with this reach out in early Jan 2018 and ran this the entire month. It got a positive response from most of the leads and the response rate increased by 20%. Here is how Sales funnel looks like:

  • Leads reach out – 500
  • Warm response – 300
  • Cold response – 150
  • No response – 50
  • Meetings/Demo Schedule – 100
  • Closure – 10