Product Decomposition of ZoloStays

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According to RedSeer analysis, the co-living space in India is worth about $1.2 billion. The co-living platform helps to connect property owners with the prospective tenant. In the last 5 years, there have been many players targeting the co-living space and one of the prominent company is ZoloStays. Started in 2015 by Akhil Sikri, Nikhil Sikri, and Sneha Choudhry, ZoloStays is targeting working professionals and students in finding a living space around the vicinity of their workplace. It’s currently operating in 10 cities in India, along with 23000 beds. Starting of the year, ZoloStays has secured its Series B funding for further expansion up to 50000 beds.

Let’s try to understand more about ZoloStays and its product.

Value Proposition

Product Market Fit

( Importance Vs Satisfaction Framework )

Users & Persona

Type of users of ZoloStays

ZoloStay Listing and Pricing

ZoloStay Listing in India
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ZoloStay Average Rent
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Customer Journey Map

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Competitive Analysis (Stanza Living, ZoloStay and CoHo)